To Consider 2012 by Deena Metzger

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Late 14c., from O.Fr. considerer (13c.) “reflect on, consider, study.” From L. considerare “to look at closely, observe,” perhaps lit. “to observe the stars,” from com- “with” (see com-) + sidus (gen. sideris) “constellation.” (see sidereal). Perhaps a metaphor from navigation, but more likely reflecting Roman interest in divination by astrology.   

To Consider and to be Considerate:

To study and reflect and then align oneself with the stars,with the beauty and heart of the heavens (the essential goal of astrology), with the radiant will of Sprit and the Divine.



6 responses to “TO CONSIDER 2012

  1. LINDA SEELEY August 5, 2012 at 6:44 am

    138 days until December 20, 2012. Thank you for reminding me. I will continue to plant trees, call the rain, counsel with other-than-humans. Maybe, joining together, we can forestall doom.

  2. Maia August 5, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Deena, what moves me most is the deep passion of your voice which comes out of such great love for this World. Such profound consideration.The practice you describe of counciling with the animals/plants/elements is my own practice…and what I find is the circle
    just keeps expanding. So that we are in council with the “little ones” (ie, the single-celled ones, sub-atomic “creatures”…) and
    with the galaxies clustered like dew along strands of darkness…
    All of these levels are intimately connectING in each moment— and so communicating. If we listen in, if we let go
    of what we expect to hear… that seems to me the way….. though you are so right to point out that what will come
    of all this, we cannot say, and need to let go of, as well.
    Gratefully, Maia

    • Deena Metzger August 6, 2012 at 12:15 am

      Thank you so, dear Maia. We have come so far away from Life. When we council, as you are doing, with the others, or the ‘little ones,’ another consciousness comes into being. We respond to their liveliness.
      i was listening to a news broadcast about 4 robot baby harp seals developed for women who are receiving chemo to cuddle as such patients have a compromised immune system. The cuddling, it is hoped, will help with their healing. I couldn’t help but think of the baby harp seals bludgoned to death each year. The next news item was about how many drugs should / must be used to create a lethal dose for someone receiving the death penalty and how much time was it ok for that person to suffer before dying. In my view, the conditions that create cancer come out of such minds sets.
      But when we truly sit in council, as you say ” with the “little ones” (ie, the single-celled ones, sub-atomic “creatures”…) and
      with the galaxies clustered like dew along strands of darkness” then we are in life with them (and probably in love) and make different decisions about all matter(s). Thank you for the poetry of your heart. Thank you for joining me here. Love, Deena

  3. Teru August 6, 2012 at 1:53 am

    Hi Deena- I so much appreciate hearing the truth of what we are facing as I do not find it anywhere said so wisely and coherently as with you. To even bring it up is to risk malevolence or at the least dismissal. I join you in keeping my notes as I am as certain as you that the way beyond the void is the size of a tiny keyhole at this point but to hold a key is the only way to justify continued existence. To disentangle from the afflicted means to me, as I work with the ‘mad,’ to see the truth in their meaning. I try to do this daily, sometimes it is so difficult to make out but it is in the striving that one’s senses sharpen. In this process I am much more alert to what might continue and what won’t. Ah, a glimpse of what could be!
    Love, Teru

    • Deena Metzger August 9, 2012 at 6:33 am

      Dear Teru:
      To disentangle from the afflicted means to me, as I work with the ‘mad,’ to see the truth in their meaning.”

      To let go of all our assumptions, and to find and recognize wisdom in the unusual places where it may be sequestered is a brave act. I honor you for using the word ‘mad’ by which I know you also mean ‘maddened,’ which is the reason you listen so hard. i have known you for many years and your ability to be alert, you put it, is remarkable. Years of being alert, year of seeking the key and the keyhole, years of seeking the truth. I is so hard to understand that the way is really going to be unfamiliar, that we really don’t know the way yet, that it will not reveal what we’ve always known. It will surprise us, if we are fortunate enough to be taken. May you glimpse something for us all in the dark places in which you are so generously searching. And, perhaps, with full respect for the ‘mad’ you serve, perhaps, with their permission, you will post something from them from time to time.

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